U.S. Refiner Powerformer Reactor Hot Spots

U.S. Refiner Powerformer Reactor Hot Spots

Becht Case Study

Powerform ReactorSituation: A U.S. Refinery identified several hotspots on their refractory lined Powerformer Reactors.  The staff initially believed that the hotspots were the result of incorrect refractory installation or damage.

Action: The Becht team noted that the catalyst loading diagram was modified to increase the catalyst load in the reactor.  This modification allowed catalyst/bed support to enter the internal shroud restricting its movement.  The damage allowed hot gas to bypass the shroud.

Result: The Becht team recommended several modifications including a revised loading diagram to ensure that the issue did not happen again.

The intimate knowledge and experience of the multidiscipline Becht team with the Powerformer reactor internal design – along with the importance of appropriate catalyst levels/catalyst support – was key to identifying the issue.

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