IPP Combined Cycle Risk Assessment

IPP Combined Cycle Risk Assessment

Becht Case Study

Situation:  A large 300 MW Combined Cycle Generating Plant was experiencing an increasing frequency of forced generation outages due to Balance-of-Plant equipment reliability resulting in significant lost revenue. The Plant Operator was unable to identify a single-cause or reason for this increasing forced outage trend.

Action:  Using its Risk-Based Equipment Reliability Planning Process, Becht developed an Inspection and Maintenance Plan for:

  1. All plant fixed equipment (72 items assessed)
  2. Main process piping (94 piping lines assessed)
  3. All rotating equipment (31 items assessed)
  4. Critical control valves (9 items assessed)


Becht’s work process was compliant with API RP 580, Risk-Based Inspection and ASME PCC-3-2007 Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods. The process included data collection, site visits, review of operating and design conditions, historical operating information and data analysis.

Results:  Becht identified unmitigated economic risks (lost revenue), mitigation costs and performed a  cost/benefit analysis which identified $4,410,000 in lost revenue that could be accomplished via a $927,000 investment in additional inspection and maintenance tasks.

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