Remote Terminal Tank Integrity Program Optimization

Remote Terminal Tank Integrity Program Optimization

Becht Case Study

Situation: A terminal company with tanks in several small islands in the Pacific Ocean was managing tank integrity based on heritage companies and previous owner practices with no consistency and lacking a company policy to address regulatory compliance and risk management. Resulting in a significant tank maintenance backlog compromising operations and maintenance resources.  Becht was asked to review their tank program against industry benchmark, and develop fit for purpose polices, standards and processes.

Action: Using experience and the owner/user perspective of our SME’s, we assessed key elements of their assets, regulatory framework, risk and new technology. Becht developed risk-based policies which were applied to the existing tanks that were coming due for maintenance and inspection.

Result: The maintenance workload was leveled appropriately within the 5-yr plan, providing flexibility for operations and creating the foundation for a risk based multi decades tank inspection strategy and schedule.

For an investment of about $60K, this terminal company was able to avoid commerce disruption and avoid $5MM impact in their maintenance budget in the first year.

The company senior leadership was very impressed on how the Becht team was able to work with all levels of the company, understanding and addressing all perspectives into the policies


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