Value Capture Through Performance Analysis

Value Capture Through Performance Analysis

Refinery at dusk

A North American refinery in a highly competitive and dynamic market required a faster way to identify and close performance gaps to targets by using existing optimization, planning and scheduling tools, formalizing and implementing a collaborative performance analysis system with sustaining work processes, and identifying and implementing “quick hit” margin improvement opportunities more quickly.

Becht engaged with cross-functional client teams in roundtable discussions on existing work processes, tools, and performance analysis. We technically evaluated the supply chain planning (LP) and scheduling/blending tools, facilitated change management as the new tool, and implemented a collaborative work process.

Becht utilized the existing scheduling tool to support a new, automated “rolling” performance analysis tool. We updated appropriate work processes and procedures to support “opportunity identification” culture and reduced the “opportunity identification” cycle from monthly to daily/weekly.

Example: We identified crude vacuum heater reduction for maintenance that was not reset that resulted in at least a $6 MM value capture.
Our continuous model monitoring identified the required updates.

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