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Becht Turnaround TeamBecht Engineering can provide resources with an owner's perspective to help ensure your turnaround is successful with respect to safety, quality, cost and schedule.  We have seasoned professionals and work processes to successfully manage, plan, review and supervise plant turnarounds.  Becht has provided up to 32 owner’s resources on major turnaround efforts in the past.

 Work Processes  Engineering & Staff Augmentation
 Becht Readiness Reviews (BRR)  Planning & Discovery Engineering
 Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS)  Turnaround Management and Planning/Scheduling
 Inspection Planning (IP)  Field Execution, Coordination and Oversight
   Heavy Lift


Becht Readiness Reviews (BRR)

Becht offers independent "Cold Eye" reviews of turnaround goals, scope, work schedules and cost at critical times relative to the turnaround's success. Becht utilizes industry experienced turnaround professionals with significant turnaround management and planning experience to lead reviews.  Our process for Becht Readiness Reviews (BRRs) includes four reviews throughout the turnaround cycle.   Becht additionally has structured work processes for Operations Shutdown & Startup, Decontamination Workshop, and Machinery Readiness Reviews. 

  • BRR-1 (Scope Development) – Hosted a T-18 months to align turnaround objectives and goals. 
  • BRR-2 (Scope Optimization) – Hosted at T-12 months to assess turnaround planning and engineering phases. 
  • BRR-3 (Pre-Mobilization) –  Hosted at T-6 months to optimize critical path schedule and evaluate execution preparedness.
  • BRR-4 (Lessons Learned) – Hosted at T+3 to assess actual performance against turnaround goals established at BRR-1.

Operations Shutdown & Startup – These reviews are integrated into the BRR stage-gate reviews with a focus on site preparedness from an operations perspective.  Becht utilizes experienced industry operations veterans to evaluate readiness by documented criteria.  Reviews include operations resourcing, decontamination strategy, temporary facilities, environmental considerations, permitting requirements and training among other items.

Machinery Readiness Review – The Machinery Readiness Review can be integrated into Becht’s Readiness Review (BRR) work process.  The reviews are structured to evaluate spare parts inventory, machinery execution plan, field and shop oversight and personnel availability among other items. 

Risk Based Work Selection (RBWS)

Becht Engineering has a propietary Risk Based Work Selection Process and associated software tool, STRAITS©, to enable risk-based decision making in equipment operations, inspection and maintenance.  Becht utilizes highly experienced facilitators with owner’s backgrounds to train and engage in turnaround work scope development and review.  A comprehensive assessments is performed which typically results in a 15-30% reduction in direct costs for planned work scope. 

Turnaround Work Scope Optimization

Expert Facilitators work with Refinery Operations/Maintenance/Technical Supervisors engaged in TA Work Scope development. A comprehensive assessment of the Work List is done to assess the drivers (Process or Equipment Integrity) for TA work. A structured risk-based selection  process, utilizes Becht’s software to challenge the work list items and determine whether the TA work is justifiable, or whether deferments are permissible. For TAs which require 200,000 to 1,000,000 person-hrs, the Becht process has identified potential savings of 15-30% on estimated Direct Costs for the planned work scope.


Routine Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

In addition to TA Work Scope development, the Becht RBWS Process can also be used to plan, schedule, and prioritize inspection and maintenance work requests from Operations and Technical Departments at refineries. These activities, which provide the basis for bi-weekly forecasts for maintenance planning, are inevitably dependent upon limited contractor resources which require optimization. The Becht STRAITs tool, which uses a risk-based methodology, provides a structured and well documented tool to establish work planning and scheduling priorities and forecasts.

The cross-functional team uses the software’s risk calculator along with other considerations (unmitigated S/H/E risk, cost of action item, bad actor resolution, etc.) to make the determination whether the task is in-scope based on previously determined task acceptance criteria. The group is required to determine a justification for the decision. The STRAITS reports, designed in consultation with the client’s corporate management, highlight the justification, risk reduction achieved and economic benefits of the worklist items.

Application of the RBWS process, incorporated in the STRAITS tool, will ensure uniform and rigorous methodology and allow managers to easily review the justifications for TA work scope decisions at refineries and chemical plants.

Inspection Planning (IP)

Becht has a structured work process for Turnaround Inspection Planning which bridges the gap between an inspection and turnaround department.  Our experienced onsite Inspection Planner mitigates client regulatory and business risk utilizing industry best practices.  We eliminate turnaround work scope and mitigate turnaround discovery risks by recommending non-intrusive inspections and performing detailed reviews of past history on equipment items.  Anticipated repairs are planned, estimate, and scheduled into the turnaround work scope.  The goal of our Inspection Planning service is “No Surprises”. 

Read more about Becht Engineering’s Inspection Planning process at:


Planning & Discovery Engineering

Becht frequently gets engaged in work scope development and definition utilizing experienced engineering specialists in all disciplines (fixed, rotating, process technology, materials).  We can help improve your work scope from “open, clean, and inspect” to a detailed worklist item with scope fully defined.  During the planning stage many clients ask “Repair or Replace?” for major worklist items such as Hydrocracker Reactor Overlay Cracking or Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Cyclones – Becht can assist in holistic evaluations of these worklist items with engineering recommendations. 

Our personnel can mobilize onsite for short to long term duration (e.g. 1+ year) to support scope development and onsite turnaround support.  During the event our experienced engineers, typically with 15+ years experience, provide mentoring and guidance to junior engineers while identifying and defining discovery repairs.  Our onsite team is able to leverage Becht’s Central Engineering Support offsite for analysis (e.g. Crack Flaw Fitness For Service) to keep the Turnaround on schedule.  We offer rapid and practical solutions based on our significant code experience and owners focus.

Turnaround Management and Planning/Scheduling

Becht Turnaround LeadershipThe Becht staff has a wealth of experience that can provide the leadership qualities needed to manage turnarounds.  We cover all levels of a turnaround team with personnel having extensive experience in leading owners' organizations.  Example positions that Becht Engineering covers for the Turnaround Planning team are Event Manager, Turnaround Coordinator, Planner, Scheduler, Operations Planner, Materials Planner, and Cost Controls.  As noted previously, Becht Engineering can supply additional experienced discipline engineers (e.g. mechanical, process, I&E, etc) with plant experience who can support the Turnaround team in scope development and turnaround planning.    

Field Execution, Coordination and Oversight

Becht Engineering has highly experienced staff, typically with over 25 years of experience, that support Turnaround Event Execution.  Example positions that Becht Engineering covers are Execution Lead, Mechanical Field Supervisor, I&E Field Supervisor, Rotating Equipment Specialist, Chemical Cleaning Lead, Materials Coordinator, Inspection Specialist, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Heavy Lift Supervisor and Operations Supervisors.  Becht has provided in excess of 30 personnel on individual turnaround efforts.  In a recent project Becht Engineering supported a union facility with 10 operations specialists that trained and qualified on the unit and supported decontamination through startup and commissioning.

Heavy Lift Services

Becht Heavy Lift professionals include Professional Engineers with lifetime crane experience along with Lift Advisor Specialists who have been responsible for refinery wide crane lift activities and maintenance programs. They tailor their oversight to the customer's site specific safe lift practices program and suggest program improvements where applicable.  Specific recent projects include Cat Reactor and Regenerator head replacements, Coke Drum and Cutting Deck removals and replacements, Fractionators, Hydrotreater Reactors, Platforming Reactors, Low Sulfur Reactors and Vacuum Tower lifts.

We have worked with all major heavy lift contractors, mechanical contractors, major engineering companies and refinery owners all over the world.  Currently, Becht staffs many refineries on long-term consulting assignments along with ongoing reviews and oversight of single lift opportunities.  Becht Heavy Lift Crane Specialists are dedicated to the Becht principle that "We Solve Problems" and take that to the next level by using their many years of accumulated Heavy Lift experience to achieve the result that "We Prevent Problems".

For details and additional information regarding Becht's Heavy Lift capabilities, click here .


Request Info on Turnaround Support Services
or contact Steve Tiek at 225.405.1781

Contact Steve Tiek 
at 225.405.1781

Domestic Work

Becht Engineering has supported projects and facilities within every state and province of the US and Canada.  

We have 12 offices throughout the US & Canada.

International Work

Becht Engineering has conducted many international projects. Selected locations are:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia

Turnarounds with RBWS
becht rbws

Turnarounds (TA) in refining units are executed periodically, on a planned basis, to meet multiple objectives, such as regulatory compliance, process reliability improvement, and equipment inspection and/or repairs. In a competitive business environment, managing TA events in a cost effective manner is a well-recognized challenge.

Development of a comprehensive Work Scope for the TA of equipment in a Process Unit is a key step...

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