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State Approval of Used or Relocated Pressure Vessels

Achieving “State Special” designation for a pressure vessel can require a fair amount of effort in documentation development.   This process is warranted – for example – when a company wants to move a pressure vessel from one facility for operation in a facility located in another state, or when they purchase a used vessel located […]

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Confirms Cause of Deaerator Cracking

CFD was used to confirm that poor design of the steam inlet nozzle was the main contributor to deaerator head to shell weld cracking, and confirmed proposed design improvements.  This recent Becht project illustrates one of the causes of deaerator cracking. A through-wall crack had been found at the head-to-shell junction at the steam inlet […]

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Demister Pads—A simple device until they don’t work

A demister pad is similar to an air filter except instead of removing dust particles from a stream of air for example, it removes micron-size liquid particles from a liquid/vapor stream often found in many industrial processes. An air filter prevents dust particles from entering downstream equipment; similarly a demister prevents liquid droplets from entering […]

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Pump Trips and Check Valve Closure

Pump Trips and Check Valve Closure Systems running multiple pumps in parallel can undergo serious equipment and piping damage during a pump trip caused by a power outage or pump mechanical failure. Uncontrolled reverse flow in the system can occur and if improperly selected check valves are used it can result in pumps running backwards […]

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