$3B Refinery Restart

$3B Refinery Restart

Becht Case Study

Refinery restartSituation: Client is executing a $3 Billion restart of a portion of a refinery.  They had been experiencing significant construction delays and then months of startup delays.

Action: In November Becht provided a team of 4 process engineers.  Due to their success this engagement expanded to rotating equipment and fixed equipment engineers.  Support also has been provided [virtually] for several other disciplines including C&M, IEA, Weld Procedures and Repair Designs.  RealWearTM devices were sent to facilitate remote participation.

Result: Client engaged Becht in a Technical Services Agreement to provide comprehensive ongoing support across all disciplines.  A second team of 4 process engineers has worked through December, and a 3rd team begins in January.  Multiple Units have been restarted and issues have been promptly resolved with multi-disciplinary teams.

Testimonial: “We have made so much more progress in our commissioning efforts in the few weeks that the Becht teams have been providing us with support than we have in the last year and a half.  What is it that the Becht experts provide that others can’t.”  SVP & GM Refining

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