Case Study – Equipment Reliability Plans (ERPs) Development

Case Study – Equipment Reliability Plans (ERPs) Development

ERP Programs

Situation: Developed Equipment Reliability Plans (ERPs) for an $8 billion (USD) offshore platform in Newfoundland, Canada, that had 50,000 equipment items.

Information: Becht identified 20,000 items that were maintainable and prioritized the development of ERPs using consequence of failure-based Criticality Screening.

Action Taken: Becht’s multi-disciplinary team customized a library of ERP’s to define the regulatory & preventative maintenance tasks for the first 10 years of operations.

Results: These plans were completed prior to start-up of the project and were used to set KPIs, staffing levels, and project maintenance budgets for the operator.

Becht has worked on multiple upstream production units (onshore and offshore) for tens of thousands of equipment tags (pressure vessels, heat exchangers, rotating equipment, instruments, HIPPS, electrical, compressors, and infrastructure).

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