Case Study – Turnaround (TA) Planning & Execution

Case Study – Turnaround (TA) Planning & Execution

Turnaround by Becht

Situation: Turnaround planning and execution at Alaska North Slope Central Compressor Plant. Turnaround was $48M involving 150 tons of high-pressure critical safety valves and 1400 feet of pipe in addition to plant-wide control system and emergency shutdown system. Owner organization speculated outage would take 50 days given magnitude of scope and challenges.

Action Taken: Becht provided Turnaround Team Lead, two Turnaround Coordinators, Planners, P6 Schedulers, Execution Safety Coordinator, and Permit Coordinator.

Results: Becht published a 34-day schedule and led the planning, scheduling, and execution efforts.

Becht completed the CCP turnaround in 28 days, resulting in production savings of $75M. There were no safety incidents during the pre-turnaround work or during the shutdown, and there were no leaks at startup.

Members of the client’s global operations management team visited Prudhoe Bay during the shutdown and reported they had never seen a better planned and executed event.

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