Midstream Terminals – Optimization of Investment

Midstream Terminals – Optimization of Investment

Becht Case Study

Terminal OptimizationSituation: Client requested evaluation of the capabilities of three critical terminals on a major pipeline network to confirm the feasibility of debottleneck investment projects to handle anticipated increased volumetric throughputs.

Action: A study was developed that looked at the storage tanks, mainlines and pipelines. The commodity quality pooling impact was assessed. Data was collected and analyzed, benchmarking was conducted, and debottlenecking projects were evaluated.

Further, Becht developed individual models for the terminal and pipeline network operation that supported planning personnel  for evaluating short and medium term scenarios. Identified and confirmed stress points in the system. Confirmed feasibility of investment projects. Propose a roadmap development program to meet future volumetrics.

Results:  Becht provided recommendations for major capital reduction options worth > $500 MM

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