First Principles of Energy Transition – An Unbiased Look at the Data and Principles: Part 1

This is the first part of a two part article, as published in Decarbonisation Technology, August 2021 Contributing authors: Jean-Gaël Le Floc’h, Mel Larson and Darren York Energy Transition – What does it really mean? In the current lexicon of society, terms, and concepts such as decarbonization, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, carbon neutrality, and energy […]

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Becht’s BRAVO – The Next Evolution In Driving Margin Improvement

As highlighted in Becht’s “Winners, Losers, and Everything in Between” and Energy Transition webinars, the Energy Industry has experienced unprecedented change in 2020 – lower and slower demand recovery putting pressure on gross margins, overcapacity leading to facility shutdowns, reductions in staffing levels, delays in turnaround maintenance, and cutbacks in capital budgets. These elements, as […]

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