Renewable Plant Integration Presented at AFPM Summit

Renewable Plant Integration Presented at AFPM Summit

The AFPM Summit’s Profitability Session presented an interesting delve into “Optionality in Refining and Petrochemicals to Meet Renewables and Energy Transition Targets.” The discussion provided an in-depth overview of Scope 3 emissions and reduction options. To read the full Hydrocarbon Processing article 2021 AFPM Summit Virtual Edition: Evaluating renewable plant integration in fossil fuel facilities ( The Panel included Robert Ohmes, and experts from Marathon. 1989 & Co., and Americas Advisian.

Robert presented a comprehensive perspective on net zero and how it will impact the energy transition. His presentation pivoted on the benefits, challenges and economics of green hydrogen technologies and the overall pace of energy transition.  He emphasized how hydrogen will be a key part of the solutions and ventures needed to reach the greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. Presently, blue hydrogen emerges as the technical and economically feasible pathway for energy transition while the other hydrogen technologies need to prove economic and operational viability to be associated with Net Zero initiatives. A modern plant must be capable of either low-emissions hydrogen production or consumption to become a plant of the future.

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Robert Ohmes, formerly Regional Operations Manager Americas at KBC Advanced Technologies, has joined the Becht team. With over 25 years of experience in refining and technical consulting working for KBC and Flint Hills Resources, Robert has extensive business planning and optimization expertise. He has broad experience consulting internationally including Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil and other countries. Robert brings with him a passion for helping clients succeed and developing long-term partnerships.

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Renewable Plant Integration Presented at AFPM Summit

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