Hydrogen Economy Part 1: Supply, Demand, Reliability and Safety

Hydrogen Economy Part 1: Supply, Demand, Reliability and Safety

Implementing strategy across the hydrogen supply chain as a critical component in addressing climate change. A blog written by Robert Ohmes, Nathan Barkley, Mike Annon, Greg Zoll, and Jessica Hofmann

Recently published in Decarbonisation Technology – August 2023 Issue (digitalrefining.com)

As governments as well as energy and research firms look to meet global carbon footprint reduction targets, many options are being examined, analysed, and invested in. One such option within the core of the energy transition is hydrogen. Long being a basic building block for transportation fuels, petrochemicals, and specialty products, hydrogen is now considered a critical component to address climate change.

Based on current projections, in order to meet 2050 net zero targets, global production of hydrogen will need to grow from around 90 to more than 500 million metric tons (MmT) per year. The production and usage options for hydrogen are expanding on a regular basis, as are the challenges of leveraging this molecule.

Within this two-part series, we will examine the overall hydrogen supply chain; identify key risks, challenges and issues within the technical, economic, reliability, and regulatory arenas; and provide insights and case studies to help address these areas to drive the transition to a hydrogen-based economy. Part One addresses the value chain elements of supply, demand, infrastructure, as well as reliability and safety. To read the full article, Decarbonisation Technology – August 2023 Issue (digitalrefining.com)

Part Two will discuss the economic and regulatory aspects of the hydrogen economy.


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Robert Ohmes, formerly Regional Operations Manager Americas at KBC Advanced Technologies, has joined the Becht team. With over 25 years of experience in refining and technical consulting working for KBC and Flint Hills Resources, Robert has extensive business planning and optimization expertise. He has broad experience consulting internationally including Korea, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil and other countries. Robert brings with him a passion for helping clients succeed and developing long-term partnerships.

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Hydrogen Economy Part 1: Supply, Demand, Reliability and Safety

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