Gas Processing Plants

Gas Processing Plants

Commodities prices fluctuate so you need to act quickly, but be calculated to capture business opportunities with good margins. Becht can support our customers from new construction to turnarounds and inspections. We help develop the operational excellence foundation needed to model the most efficient operation.

  • IOW for Gas Extraction and Fractionation Units
  • Gas Plants T/A Optimization
  • CUI Management Program
  • Gas Plant Reliability Improvements
  • Gas Plant RBI
  • Gas Plants Process Reviews
  • Plant Equipment FFS
  • Plant Equipment Brittle Fracture Screening, Process Hazards Analysis,
  • Margin Improvement Studies and Energy, GHG Reduction Initiatives
  • Energy / GHG Reduction Initiatives
  • Heaters and Boilers Monitoring
  • PSM

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Gas Processing Plants
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