Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning

Becht leverages world class Process Technology, Strategy, and Reliability SMEs, who bring lessons learned from the owner / operator experience, and utilizes a proven sitewide analysis methodology.  This methodology employs a holistic evaluation approach encompassing economic and technical feasibility of forward-looking projects with a practical real-world perspective, no matter how large or small.  Becht’s mantras of “get it right the first time” and “go slow to go fast” are applied in combination with fit-for-purpose tools and the right skill sets to collaboratively attain capital efficiency and meet business objectives of our clients.  Accelerated value capture and decision making, along with improved return on investment, are the metrics that demonstrate the benefit of involving Becht in your strategic business planning.

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Kathy Lipski is Becht's Marketing Manager. She has 20 years of marketing experience with a focus on customer engagement and sales enablement. During her career she managed value proposition, content development, conferences, global sponsorship and analytics.

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Strategic Business Planning
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