Integrating Capital Projects Into a Turnaround Event

Integrating Capital Projects Into a Turnaround Event

In the July 2021 online edition of “The Chemical Engineer” magazine, Gordon discusses how project teams are often blamed by turnaround managers for problems with meeting turnaround event schedules. He examines the key areas that need to be addressed when integrating a project into a turnaround event and highlights the point that these areas need to be discussed and resolved during the project front-end development, not merely during the turnaround front-end development. Hence proper integration needs early, timely input and support from the turnaround team and the project and turnaround steering teams.

To read the full article click here.  This article is the third in a planned series of six being published in “The Chemical Engineer” on the topic of maintenance turnaround preparation and planning.

“The Chemical Engineer” is a monthly chemical engineering technical and news magazine published by the UK Institution of Chemical Engineers. Gordon is a Fellow of the Institution and has published several articles in the magazine in the past, on the topics of maintenance turnaround and capital project preparation & planning.

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About The Author

Gordon is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in capital project management and maintenance turnaround preparation and planning. This experience has been gained with owner, contractor and consulting organizations working at onshore and offshore facilities across the globe. Gordon specializes in project and turnaround preparation, planning best practices, and execution control; this includes front-end development, estimating, risk mitigation and change control. He has published a number of articles in technical magazines and several cost estimating recommended practices with the AACE-I. He is a dual-national British/French, residing in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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Integrating Capital Projects Into a Turnaround Event

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