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11-13-2017 8:00 am - 11-16-2017 4:30 pm
MicroTek Training Center, Dulles, VA
MicroTek Training Center, Dulles, VA
12950 Worldgate Dr, Herndon, VA 20170, USA

Early Bird Pricing in effect until Friday, October 20th!

Becht Engineering is excited to be partnering with Codeware, Inc. to present this 4-day COMPRESS software training.  This course provides comprehensive instruction on the COMPRESS Heat Exchanger Wizard dialog windows for the mechanical design of shell and tube heat exchangers. Through the hands-on approach used by the instructor in a computer lab setting, there is ample opportunity to practice designing shell and tube exchangers using the software. Our instructor, Don Kurle, PE, has been working with Section VIII, Division 1 for over 35 years and worked several years for Codeware, Inc. as a technical support engineer assisting clients with technical issues related to application of the COMPRESS program.  He also developed and presented training classes in the use of the program.

Who Should Attend? Individuals involved with the design of heat exchangers who are looking to gain hands-on experience using COMPRESS. This course is intended for beginners, as well as experienced designers who are wanting to reinforce their COMPRESS design skills.

$2,500.00 18

12-05-2017 8:00 am - 12-07-2017 4:30 pm
Texas Training and Convention Center
Texas Training and Convention Center
11490 Westheimer Rd #600, Houston, TX 77077, USA

Becht Engineering's 3 day Introduction to Welded Steel Tanks course is essential for engineers and inspection and maintenance personnel involved in the design, purchasing, fabrication, repair, alteration, reconstruction, or maintenance of new atmospheric and low-pressure steel tanks to meet API Code requirements. This course discusses Maintenance, Repair and Design of Tanks based on API-653 and API-650. The following topics are covered in this course.

Who Should Attend? Engineers and Inspectors who are responsible for evaluating the condition of Tanks in refineries, chemical plants and terminals. Also Project Engineers who are dealing with installation and repairs of existing and new tanks.

$1,800.00 27