Becht Advisors Exceed Client Expectations

Becht Advisors Exceed Client Expectations

Gulf Coast Refinery Turnaround 

Becht Engineering mobilized Advisors to Louisiana to supplement a Client’s operations organization during a 45-day, fourth quarter 2015 turnaround. The planned outage included cleaning the pyro-fractionator coke fines, replacing the internals of a 5-stage gas compressor, cleaning, inspecting and making tie-ins for a flare recovery system, complete re-traying of an ethylene splitter, and cleaning and inspection of all associated piping and pumps.

Our Advisors were engaged in on-site orientation and training for six weeks prior to assuming their intended roles, which included assisting operations in pre-turnaround planning for equipment shutdown and maintenance. 

Becht team members exceeded Client expectations by handing over equipment to maintenance five days prior to plan during the shutdown and decontamination phase. Following completion of the mechanical work, the Becht Advisors checked all equipment (e.g., air freeing, pressure testing) and ensured a seamless startup. Of note — Becht contributed to the safety of the shutdown with no incidents nor safety violations within the team or those they supervised.

We extend our appreciation to the following Becht Engineering Operations Advisors who completed their assignments and significantly contributed to the overall success of the event:

Michael Sylvester (Becht Team Lead)
Wallace Banks
Benjamin Brown
Cyrus Edlow
Warren Federer

John Hains
Alvin Lee
Elbe Newsome
Larry Scurlock


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Becht Advisors Exceed Client Expectations
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