Becht Donates 18,000 Masks to Local Communities

Becht Donates 18,000 Masks to Local Communities

Derek Becht MasksBecht’s core value of “One Team – One Dream” extends beyond business to our neighbors and friends, especially during times of crisis.  COVID 19 has created market instability, domestic and international travel shutdowns, quarantines and multiple difficulties that have rippled through our global communities. During these challenging times, we often find that those most in need are our local community services. To extend a hand to the local communities in which Becht operates, Becht has purchased and donated 18,000 masks to our local hospitals, paramedics, schools and others in need in New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Alberta. We have an immense respect for all front-line workers including nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire teams, police and all essential service personnel who continue to risk their health to serve their communities. Through our conversations with the groups who received the masks, we have gained an appreciation for the massive challenges ahead and for the positivity and passion with which these front-line workers approach every day.  Becht wants to thank all those that are working every day to support our communities.  One Team – One Dream, Becht stands with you and respects your fortitude.


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Derek is a chemical engineer with expertise in design, operation, and optimization of process equipment.  He has supported every refinery process unit in either a process or operations support & management function.  Derek has extensive experience supporting capital projects including two replacement FCC Reactors, new Crude Unit and FCC Main Fractionator pump-around heat exchangers, Crude Column Preflash internals, a Turbine Fuel Merox expansion, and modifications to a UOP InAlk after a catalyst swelling mechanism caused a bulge in the reactor shell. He is Becht's Process and Operations Engineering Manager

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Becht Donates 18,000 Masks to Local Communities

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