Becht Hosts First Tank Summit

Becht Hosts First Tank Summit

The storage of liquids is crucial in the current supply chain landscape, and in the framework of the current environmental and regulatory trends for storage tanks.

This week (Jan 2022) Becht brought together tank owners/users, vendors, and Becht division leaders for a Tank Summit in Houston to discuss and learn from each other and our multidisciplinary capabilities, experiences, and technologies.

Agenda topics included:

  • Tank integrity optimization
  • Risk-based inspection
  • Fitness for service
  • Tank inspection
  • Robotics
  • Tank levels management
  • Joint industry projects on online/non-intrusive tank cleaning and inspection 
  • Tank industry and regulatory trends


Becht Tank Summit
The Summit was the first of its kind. We look forward to bringing the Tank community together for future summits. For more information on the Summit and to request an invite for a future event, contact Rafael Rengifo,



About The Author

Rafael Rengifo has over 30 years of engineering, reliability, maintenance, inspection and mechanical integrity experience in the Midstream and Downstream sectors. Mr. Rengifo’s Midstream experience includes the roles of Director of Engineering, Facility Integrity Manager and Tank Integrity Manager for Phillips 66 Midstream Operations. In the Downstream sector Mr. Rengifo’s experience includes inspection management roles like Refinery Chief Inspector and Refining Engineering positions in Reliability and Corrosion for Phillips 66 heritage companies and joint ventures in the US and Latin America. Prior to his journey with Phillips 66, Mr. Rengifo owned a company that specialized in NDE, metallurgical, corrosion and materials consultant services for all Oil & Gas sectors in Venezuela. Mr. Rengifo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela. He also holds American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspector Certifications for Tanks (API-653) and Pressure Vessels (API-510). Mr. Rengifo has been serving as Midstream Chair for the API Inspection and Engineering Summit since 2019, and has been also an active member of API committees. From his days of Corrosion Engineer he left a legacy at the Nacional Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) by writing papers and participating in committees as vice-chair. Mr. Rengifo has been also an active speaker and moderator in terminal organizations like the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) and the Latin American Society of Marine Terminals and Monobuoy Operators (SLOM)

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Becht Hosts First Tank Summit

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