Do You Look Both Ways Before Crossing a One-Way Street?

Do You Look Both Ways Before Crossing a One-Way Street?

I do. Why? It’s a lesson that was burned into my brain as a child. “Look both ways before you cross the street!” was told to me by multiple generations of relatives, friends, teachers and strangers.

It doesn’t matter whether the street is one-way or not…we look both ways before crossing. And the ‘why’ is what I find interesting.

But first, I must make a confession. I have turned the wrong way onto a one-way street before. Of course, it wasn’t on purpose, but it happened. Just because something is a rule doesn’t mean it will be followed, be it deliberately or accidentally.

How many times have we been on a jobsite and noticed a person break a rule or put themselves in a hazardous situation? It doesn’t matter the reasoning behind it, the rule was broken, and they put themselves, and potentially others, at risk.

Safety isn’t just about doing the right thing and following the rules. It includes observing others, so the consequences of their actions don’t negatively impact us and others.

What are some lessons have you been taught, or learned the hard way, that you carry with you in your daily lives?

Private lessons are great if you are learning to play an instrument or learning a new skill. But, with safety, private lessons only benefit you. Sharing these lessons learned will help us all be better.

I heard a quote once that said:

  • Knowledge is realizing the street is one-way
  • Wisdom is looking both directions anyway


As we move forward into 2022, I would ask you to share those lessons and experiences at so we can share that wisdom and continue our success

I wish you all health, wealth and wisdom in 2022.


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David Troha has over 25 years of experience. David directs, develops, and oversees the general health, safety and environmental policies and procedures of Becht ensuring compliance with international and domestic governmental, and industry specific regulations. David joined the Becht team supporting the ExxonMobil Campus Project in the Woodlands, Texas, as a SSHE lead and data analyst. His experience includes the North American Growth (NAG) project and an Ethane Cracker Project at the Total Petrochemicals Refinery. Becht is a recognized leader in safety.

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Do You Look Both Ways Before Crossing a One-Way Street?

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