Recommended Practices for Cost Estimating Maintenance Turnarounds

Recommended Practices for Cost Estimating Maintenance Turnarounds

The Recommended Practices issued by AACE International are widely recognized and have been adopted in estimating and control departments across the process industries. Until recently, the focus of these practices was mainly on capital projects. However, they are now also beginning to cover Maintenance Turnarounds. As an initial step in covering this important aspect of process plant operation and management, they have issued RP112-20. This RP provides a framework for standardization of cost estimate classes for maintenance turnaround cost estimates across the process industries.

The Primary contributor to this RP is Gordon Lawrence, Becht’s Regional Manager for Maintenance Turnarounds & Capital Projects. The RP builds on several of Gordon’s previously published papers on Maintenance Turnaround cost estimating, supported by contributions from his fellow authors Bas Druijf, Carlos Pina, John Hollmann, Dave Kyle, Larry Dysert and Jeffery Borowicz.

Cost estimating for maintenance turnarounds has historically lagged behind capital projects in terms of estimate methodology rigor and standardization. This RP helps to move estimating methodologies for maintenance turnarounds a step further forward. To access the RP112R-20, visit

RP112R-20 is the fourth RP that Gordon Lawrence has been involved with. He is currently working on a second RP for turnaround estimates and is a contributor to RP104R-19 on communicating estimate accuracy as well as RP102R-19, a cost estimate classification system for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Becht is proud to be actively involved in codes and standards committees throughout our industry. Our subject matter experts use their multidisciplinary knowledge and holistic approach in every project.

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Gordon is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in capital project management and maintenance turnaround preparation and planning. This experience has been gained with owner, contractor and consulting organizations working at onshore and offshore facilities across the globe. Gordon specializes in project and turnaround preparation, planning best practices, and execution control; this includes front-end development, estimating, risk mitigation and change control. He has published a number of articles in technical magazines and several cost estimating recommended practices with the AACE-I. He is a dual-national British/French, residing in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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Recommended Practices for Cost Estimating Maintenance Turnarounds

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