2021 – Year In Review

2021 – Year In Review

With the challenging environment last year of compressed margins, mixed mode work and high employee turnover, Becht focused on delivering value for our clients.

Our clients found this value in the following areas:

  • Their personnel getting quicker access to solutions and knowledge.  We revamped our BechtCONNECT platform which has built in knowledge like interactive PFD’s, operational guidelines, technology best practices and access to our 1,000+ SME’s.


  • We built the first time & sequence dependent commercially available Hot Crude corrosion prediction tool, CorrExpert, along with a crude compatibility tool.  With the ever-changing market the ability to leverage opportunity crude while minimizing impact to integrity or reliability is critical.


  • Providing clarity and consistency on one of our client’s biggest spending areas, Turnarounds.  One client was able to achieve over $100MM in savings through a year’s worth of facilitated Risk Based work Selection sessions.





  • We developed more predictive life prediction models on two industry topics with significant uncertainty, high temperature hydrogen attack & coke drums.


We look forward to continuing to service our clients in 2022 and we welcome your challenges! Any questions? Please click the button below:

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About The Author

Charles Becht V is a mechanical and nuclear senior engineer with expertise in FEA and thermohydraulics modeling and analysis. His experience ranges from developing new designs meeting code requirements, failure investigation and repair, and FFS assessments. In the hydraulic area, his work includes the study of NRC issues related to entrapped gases in liquid lines, for which he developed hydraulics models and analysis of the effects of pump start-up, and two-phase transients. In the stress area, Mr. Becht's work includes the investigation of the failure of one of the largest mobile cranes in the United States, developing the structural model for the crane failure which was benchmarked against observations of the event. In addition Mr. Becht has worked on several rehabilitation projects on furnaces damaged by over pressure events. Responsibilities for the furnace repair have included oversight of field personnel, development of structural reinforcement, and analysis of the completed repairs. Fitness for Service analyses included analyzing both degraded structures and improperly fabricated structures, including buried cooling water pipe in nuclear facilities and large shiploader structures exposed to salt spray and sulfurous coke. Mr. Becht received his Masters of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University.    

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2021 – Year In Review

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