Fleet Wide Coke Drum Evaluation & Capital Deferral

Fleet Wide Coke Drum Evaluation & Capital Deferral

coke drum project

Significant US Client had 28 Coke Drums throughout the fleet that were in various stages of capital evaluation for replacement. Client was seeking a holistic evaluation to prioritize future spend and improve unit availability.

Becht utilized our proprietary Coke Drum Life Extension methodology integrating expertise from operations, mechanical and process technologist. Reviewed data, onsite interviews, remote analysis.

Future support includes installation of fleet-wide Health Monitoring Systems leveraging next generation technology (wireless, rope access installation). Ongoing Unit Health Monitoring provided by Becht to drive onstream availability and peak process performance.


The Client Corporate SME called our methodology “groundbreaking” and noted this would be the pinnacle of his career technically.  $300 MM Capital Deferred throughout the fleet.

Becht’s multi-disciplinary approach led to the deferral $300 MM Capital throughout the fleet. Significant future profit opportunity stemming from Unit Health Monitoring associated with Becht’s remote monitoring technology.

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