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Community Service and Charity Events

Becht Cares in an initiative not only for the benefit of our communities, but also for our employees when challenges hit closer to home. When Hurricane Laura made landfall in the early hours of August 27, 2020, it left a path of devastation across parts of Louisiana and Texas. Becht team members, their extended families, and their communities were among those affected.

To help our team and their communities in this time of need, Becht immediately authorized monies to be made available to any Becht team member in the region, which could be utilized for their personal needs, the needs of their family members, or could be used as a donation to their local communities. We will continue to monitor this situation to determine additional measures.

Becht stands by its team and the communities in which they live. In addition, Becht lives by the philosophy that our team’s personal challenges can be shared, and we commit to standing by this philosophy both now and in the future.

Response to COVID-19

The health and safety of our employees, clients and the communities we serve remains our top priority. We are committed to being there in times of need. In response to COVID-19, Becht purchased 20,000 surgical masks for donation and for employee use. Becht donated about 15,000 masks to organizations in the Liberty Corner, Houston, Medina and Calgary areas.

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We are proud to give back to our community by supporting non-profit organizations and participating in volunteer opportunities. If you would like to suggest a charity or community service program for Becht to contribute to, please contact us at

Becht believes our Core Values extend beyond just our business. As such, Becht has created the Becht Cares initiative.
Becht Cares works with community partners, teaming up to provide service time and collect goods for various charities. Becht Cares brings the same passion and energy we put into our work to our partnerships throughout our communities.
Becht approaches our Becht Cares Initiative with our collective relentless spirit. In everything we do, we ask “How can we improve the process?” This also applies to helping our community. Becht is always looking for ways to integrate our community involvement into company events. We tie charity collections into celebrations and into our everyday work life.
Who doesn’t have fun working together and helping others?! We love our Becht Team and our Becht Cares community involvement!

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