Becht RBWS

Becht RBWS

BechtRBWS Online Software for Risk-Based Work Selection

Becht’s Risk Based Work Selection (BechtRBWS) is an online software platform designed to facilitate RBWS sessions for major turnarounds and plant shutdowns. Average improvement in work-scope is 24% with a typical savings of $3,000,000 per event over Becht’s last 20 facilitated sessions. A major challenge for plant shutdowns is consistently reviewing health, safety, environmental (HSE) and financials risks associated with worklist items – this tool effectively allows owners to rank each worklist item to prioritize the highest risk reduction and return on investment actions. The largest impact on turnaround performance is worklist quality. This tool was designed to help you improve that quality.

BechtRBWS features include:

  • Web-based platform with history capture
  • Built-in benefit to cost calculation
  • Customized client risk-matrix implementation
  • Platform for workscope development
  • Custom screen for maximum facilitation efficiency
RBWS is only available as part of a facilitated workshop and is not available for independent use. Use the contact button and inquire about Turnarounds and Maintenance to get started.

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