Fitness for Service

Fitness for Service

Becht’s online fitness-for-service software (BechtFFS) is the key resource for any plant or corporate engineer. BechtFFS is a powerful platform for evaluating the state of equipment which has developed defects in service. An FFS assessment will provide a recommendation on whether a damaged component must be removed from service or if an operation can safely continue. BechtFFS evaluations will allow you to operate equipment with confidence and will help you to prevent costly unplanned outages.


  • Is compliant with API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Fitness for Service.
  • Is an online tool with no downloads required, meaning your assessments can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Features eight analysis types in the Plant Engineer tier, covering a wide variety of defects typically found in refining equipment.
  • Features eleven analysis types in the Professional tier, including a powerful fracture mechanics module which models crack growth.
  • Provides comprehensive output reports for quick and concise sharing of results. Intermediate calculations are provided for a deeper dive.
  • Was developed by Becht’s API 579 experts, including contributors to the API 579 guideline document. A number of our FFS experts are current or past members of the API 579 committee, including several committee vice-chairs.


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