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What does Becht do?

Becht was founded in 1964 by Charles Becht III. The current CEO, Dr. Charles Becht IV, left Exxon Research and Engineering in 1986 to provide a new focus on the process sector within the family business. Today, Becht provides expert engineering consulting services and support of maintenance, projects and turnarounds to the Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power Industries. Becht provides continuing services to 90% of the refineries in the United States and Canada, and many more internationally. For a full listing of Becht’s capabilities, please visit or reach out to one of us directly.

What is an Advisor?

Our Advisors are classified as contingent employees who receive compensation for hours worked or engaged in project-related activities. They are contingent upon the work and expertise needed by Becht’s clients.

Advisors may contract to be a W-2 employee wherein Becht withholds Federal, Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes, as well as state taxes, state unemployment insurance, disability and other state payroll taxes, if required in their home state, as appropriate. For payroll tax purposes, Becht currently is registered in multiple US States and withholds the taxes accordingly. If necessary, Becht will continue to register in other states as required by law. Becht pays the company portion of all such taxes as necessary. At year-end, the employee will be provided an IRS W-2 form.

Advisors may contract to be an Independent Advisor wherein taxes are not withheld, and Becht does not pay the company portion of Social Security and Medicare, disability or workman’s compensation. All tax related payments are the responsibility of the Advisor. At year-end, the Advisor receives a 1099-Misc statement.

As either a W-2 employee or Independent Advisor, you will be covered under the company’s professional liability policy. However, to qualify on a 1099 basis, Advisors must meet the IRS Independence Standards. The Advisor must own a company (LLC or similar) with an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and is solely responsible for maintaining his/her own workers’ compensation (WC) insurance.

Is the Advisor contract exclusive?

Becht’s Advisor Contract is not exclusive.

Advisors should not engage in any occupation or activity that would be a conflict of interest with the assignments handled by the Advisor for Becht or engage in any activities which would be detrimental to any of its Clients. For 24 months following the completion of last assignment for a specific task, Advisors should not seek engagement, employment or become employed by, either directly or indirectly, any of Becht’s Clients for which tasks were performed by the Advisor without written permission of Becht. This 24-month limitation does not apply to Clients when the work was brought to Becht by the Advisor nor does it apply to Clients that were a former employer of the Advisor.

Should I be an Independent or Employee?

Within the USA, this determination is governed by IRS regulations. In general, if you are working exclusively for Becht, you should be classified as an employee. If you have a business and other sources of income, you may qualify as an independent. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor for the best option for you. If you do register as an Independent Advisor you will be required to maintain your own WC insurance.

All Canadian Advisors are Independent and should talk to their own accountant if they would like to register for a GST number.

Does Becht offer benefits to its Advisors?

Independent Advisors are not eligible for benefits.

Employee Advisors, as contingent employees, are eligible for benefits. Special eligibility rules apply for each benefit as noted below. If you are interested in obtaining information as to the current health plan, please contact the Human Resources department at

What kind of compensation should I expect?

Advisor compensation is commensurate with experience, education role or the actual assignment from a client. Work is performed and compensated on an hourly basis. Advisors will be advised of their hourly rates in writing, Advisors are under no obligation to accept any offer of work.

How often are Advisors paid?

Advisors are paid biweekly, the Friday after timesheets are due.

Does Becht offer direct deposit?

Becht offers direct deposit for both payroll and expense reimbursement for all US Advisors. Depending on circumstances, non-US Advisors may be compensated by wire transfer.

Currently the payroll processing is outsourced to ADP, a US-based payroll company. With the ADP Employee Self-Service System, you are able to view your earnings statements online, change your address, add/change Emergency Contacts, add/change Beneficiary Information, add/change your Direct Deposit information and change your Federal W4 information. If you are eligible for benefits, you can also enroll in the benefits of your choice.

The system can be accessed via the following link, and will be activated AFTER the employee’s first payroll has been processed.

It also is important to note that payroll stubs are only accessible online. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the accounting department at

Expenses are reimbursed directly through Becht’s accounting department and are paid to the Advisor on a weekly basis, usually on Mondays, unless there is a Holiday, in which case the payment will be processed on Tuesday.

Payments for time worked by Independent Advisors are made directly by Becht’s accounting department.

How quickly are expenses reimbursed?

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses is paid soon after the expense statement is received. Typically, reimbursement is direct deposited in the Advisor’s designated bank account within 5 to 10 days after submission of an expense report with proper proofs of expenditures. Reports received by Wednesday at 12:00pm EST will be reimbursed the following Monday.

Expense reports can be submitted at any time during the month. Advisors are encouraged to submit all expenses in a timely fashion. All expense reports must have the necessary receipts attached in order to be processed in a timely manner.

When are timesheets due?

Signed timesheets should be submitted by no later than 5:00pm EST every Friday.


Where should I send my timesheet?

When entered into Deltek, the timesheet will automatically be submitted for payment.

Timesheets should be sent to your Client supervisor with cc to requesting approval.

How often is Becht contacted for assignments and consulting tasks?

Becht receives requests for services on an ongoing basis. Our volume of requests increases during turnaround season.

What is the usual length of the assignments?

Assignment lengths vary from a few days to several years.

Who will take care of the travel arrangements?

Travel arrangements (air, hotel and rental car) typically are handled by the Advisor. Upon notification that a purchase order has been received from the Client, Advisors may purchase airline tickets and submit for reimbursement via an expense statement.

Travel and Transport (T&T), with North American headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, is our travel agent. Their travel management and service capabilities give us the best opportunity to provide quality, expert services to our entire staff. T&T travel consultants are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. T&T can be contacted as follows:

Travel Counselors: (866) 903-1739

Online Support: (866) 903-1739

After Hours: (800) 237-3950

Each advisor is encouraged to complete at T&T Traveler Profile Form. You can access the form by clicking on

Travel within the US and Canada and to the Caribbean is typically economy class for North American based Advisors. Overseas flights are typically business class. Several of Becht’s contracts with Clients have language related to air travel and accommodations which stipulate the type of air travel. The Client contract supersedes Becht policy unless an exception is formally approved in writing by the Client prior to incurring the expense. In a limited number of cases the Client will make travel arrangements on behalf of the Advisor.

Any special travel requirements or limitations should be addressed during early discussions relative to an assignment or project so they are accurately communicated to the Client and represented in the expense estimate attached to our proposal. Client approval of travel policy exceptions is not guaranteed.
When allowed by the Client, travel time to and from that Client’s site at project inception and completion is paid at the full hourly rate, up to a maximum of 8 hours per calendar day. Travel time typically is not billed or paid for home visits; prior approval from the Client is required for exceptions.
Becht’s automobile insurance covers qualified employees for excess liability and physical damage (comprehensive and collision) exposures when they rent an automobile on company business within the United States and Canada. Special rules apply for international assignments and those contracted through our subsidiary, Becht Field Services LLC.

A qualified employee is anyone who has signed an “employee” contract with Becht, has a photocopy of his/her driver’s license on file with Becht, and has not been notified by Becht that for some reason they have been excluded from the Company’s insurance policy. Employees who are not qualified and are excluded from the Company’s insurance policy should purchase collision damage insurance.

Does Becht provide PPE and Safety Training?

Safety training and personal protective equipment requirements are determined by each site and vary for that site depending upon the type of services provided and the duration of the site visit or assignment.

Becht or the Client will ensure compliance with site access requirements by providing all safety training and personal protective equipment, including up to three (3) pair of fire-retardant coveralls per year for long-term assignments. Other equipment (e.g., respirators, harnesses, H2S monitors) will be provided by Becht or the Client as required to perform the intended work tasks. Training in the proper use of safety equipment often is mandatory and will be provided by Becht or the Client (e.g., confined space entry, fall protection).

The cost of site- or project-required footwear and prescription safety glasses will be borne by the Advisor. Other than in the case of defective FRC or long-term assignments with exposure to extreme temperatures, additional coveralls and seasonal FRC will be at the Advisor’s personal expense, unless separate agreements and terms are identified on an individual basis.
After an assignment is complete, Advisors are expected to return all non-disposable PPE items (H2S monitors, fall protection/harness, monitors and other high cost items) if they can be reused.

Will I be required to take a Drug and Alcohol Test?

Particularly for Advisors providing “unescorted” services at a Client site, compliance with all drug and alcohol testing is a condition of employment and specific to each Client or Client site. Failure to comply will result in an immediate flag of Inactive status by the monitoring consortium. Return to the site will be denied until testing is complete, and authorization is received from Becht.

Pre-access, random, post incident and “reason to believe” drug and alcohol tests will be direct billed to Becht.

Will I be paid for training time?

Training time will be compensated if an Advisor is scheduled for an assignment at a Client site that accepts safety training as billable time.

What employment arrangements are typically appropriate if the Advisor lives outside of the USA?

At present, all Advisors living outside of the USA are employed as Independent Contractors. We continue to investigate the best arrangements.

Does Becht provide computers?

Advisors typically are provided computer access by the Client when providing longer term services at that Client site. Otherwise, Advisors are expected to provide their own computers, although computers generally can be made available at the Becht office for any work to be done at that office. Advisors also provide their own email address. A Becht email address can be provided under special circumstances and upon request.

Does Becht provide business cards?

Business cards can be provided upon request and approval by Advisor’s Division Manager.

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