CCR Naphtha Reforming: Radial Flow Reactors Catalyst Bed Pressure Explained – Avoiding Rx Internals Damage

Introduction: Before continuing with CCR Naphtha Reforming Turnarounds it seemed appropriate to explain the cause and effects of unchecked thermal cycles and high catalyst bed pressure. This information is vital to understanding how to mitigate Rx internals damage and improves the ability of operators and engineers to evaluate unit equipment and catalyst performance more effectively.  […]

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CCR Naphtha Reforming Refinery Unit Turnarounds — Rx Internals Inspection w/ Upflow Centerpipe

Introduction Scheduled turnarounds (TA’s) on CCR naphtha reforming units are infrequent with customers targeting every 5+ years, and frequently hitting their targets.  That leaves little opportunity for many engineers and operators to participate in these events. So, it seemed appropriate to generate an article that shares what I’ve experienced during my career, while keeping each […]

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What is Catalyst Pinning?

Feedback on my last blog “Can Feed Sulfur be Both Good and Bad,” led to our new topic on catalyst pinning. This is a great topic suggested by a LinkedIn connection.  With that, I went to the Internet and searched for articles published on “Catalyst Pinning”. I found several, but they were all scholarly articles that […]

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Can Feed Sulfur Be Both Good And Bad?

This blog provides some historical context to my previous blog,  Metal Catalyzed Coking and feed Sulfur (S) requirements. Moreover, I will also address the flip-side of too little feed S and discuss the impact of too much and its effect on catalyst performance. I’ll also cover how catalyst Surface Area (SA) impacts the recovery from […]

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Metal Catalyzed Coking (MCC)

A look back on my career and customers that faced significant MCC formation/damage and insight into how to avoid the same fate. Metal Catalyzed Coking is a term that is known by most within the Catalytic Naphtha Reforming community. Particularly those that run in Aromatics Mode, but also those that run in Motor Fuels. MCC is unique […]

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