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Owner's Project Support

Becht Engineering provides services in the area of capital projects from front-end engineering through startup.  Becht’s many staff, field, and management resources help ensure a successful project in terms of safety, budget, schedule, and quality. We have staffed project team positions within an owner’s organization by filling positions such as project and construction managers, construction safety, project engineers and process operators.  Many of the staff are retirees – consulting with us after long careers with industry majors.  They are available to participate in constructability reviews and progress assessments, fill short term gaps or staff longer-term roles. Given the depth and breadth of our large resource pool, we can fill positions with specialists who have specific experience in the unit(s) under maintenance or construction.

Becht owners proj support

Becht Engineering specialists can provide Staff Augmentation & Construction Oversight, Project Quality Assurance (Front End Engineering and Detailed Design), Independent Project Reviews, Factory Acceptance Testing Support, Scanning and Heavy Lift Services.


Staff Augmentation & Construction Oversight

capitalprojectsupportOur resources typically have over 25 years of owner-related project experience, and have successfully managed projects around the globe. From front-end engineering through construction completion, commissioning, and startup, our Project Managers, Estimators, Planners, Project Controls Specialists, and Discipline Engineers (e.g. Machinery, Electrical, etc) demonstrate a keen understanding of the business coupled with a history of continuous, high value contributions.

The Becht Engineering roster includes seasoned Construction Managers, Quality Assurance Coordinators, Operations Specialists, Inspection Specialists, and Field Coordinators who supplement the Owner's Team for all phases of a project from fabrication shop oversight and transportation to field construction. Serving as liaisons between the Client and contractors, Becht Engineering resources monitor and report progress while ensuring adherence to the Client's schedule, protocols, and procedures.  A few examples are listed below:

  • International Coker Commissioning – Becht provided five onsite operations specialists and offsite engineering support for a major grassroots Coker project. Our team worker directly with the owner organization to perform equipment checkout, startup readiness assessment, startup/circulation support and “coke-in” startup.  Throughout the project duration we provided training to the owner’s team to support their personnel development.
  • Petrochemical Expansion Project - Becht provided a degreed machinery engineer to support project development and execution. Our machinery engineer worked a scheduled rotation supporting the project team and visited the EPC contractors’ office on an as-needed basis to ensure project quality.
  • Tier 1 Incident Response – Becht provided a team of field supervisors, materials coordinators, and other personnel to support a major Tier 1 refinery incident.  Our team worked around the clock to support the owner’s team in re-commissioning of the asset.  Becht mobilized personnel with twenty four hours of the initial call for support.

Project Quality Assurance

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

One of our key project related activities is the review of contractor engineering quality during the front-end engineering design (FEED) phase of a project. These reviews are conducted by process and equipment specialists in all disciplines including process technology, mechanical, civil/structural, instrument/electric/controls and materials. Our specialists have many years of experience in conducting these types of reviews during their careers with the central engineering organizations of major refining and petrochemical companies.  Becht Engineering has a structured work process for stage-gate type reviews prior to transitioning to Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) contractors.  Our goal is early identification and resolution of process and equipment issues that would impact cost, schedule, reliability and operability.  A few examples are listed below:

  • Refinery Revamp - Client was planning a $1 Billion project to revamp the entire refinery.  Becht provided a process technology engineering review of the licensor FEED package for each refinery unit.  In addition, we assisted with development and review of commercial terms and contracting strategy.
  • Boiler NOx Reduction – Becht provided a cross-functional engineering review of a licensor FEED package prior to transitioning to EPC. The review included machinery, materials, civil/structural, instrumentation & controls, and process technology.  Becht provided a consolidated gap list of items to be addressed in the front end of Detailed Design.
  • Electric Substation Replacement – Becht provided a two engineering discipline (electrical and civil/structural) and commercial review of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) prior to Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) bidding. The owner was concerned about prior EPC work on LSTK and wanted to ensure the RFQ package was sufficiently detailed.

Detailed Engineering

As FEED transitions into detailed engineering, the review process focuses on:

  • Assessing the contractor/vendor technical capabilities, vendor design and tools
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Ensuring adherence to the project specifications
  • Interpreting job specifications, owner and industry codes/standards

The reviews are a part-time activity of sampling the contractor’s detailed engineering activities and are facilitated by checklists developed by the specialists who identify those items (drawings, calcs, etc.) to be reviewed as they become available. The reviews may include participation in factory acceptance/performance tests such as for large machinery, emergency shutdown systems and fired heater burner management systems. Findings/recommendations are reported to the owner’s project team for follow-up with the engineering contractor/vendor. The specialists are available to support the Project Team in problem resolution. A few examples are listed below:

  • Grassroots FCC Complex – Becht provided quality control of the mechanical design and field verification during construction of a grassroots FCC complex including FCC, Alky, Acid Plant, MTBE, and Light Ends. Our review included consistent contact with the EPC contractor as the owner’s representative.
  • Oil Sands Upgrader – We provided process, mechanical, and civil/structural engineering design oversight of the EPC contractor deliverables throughout the project. The goal was to identify issues that would impact overall project schedule, cost, and performance during commissioning and subsequent operation.

Grassroots Chemical Complex – Client was planning a $1 Billion grassroots chemical complex with associated utilities.  Provided quality assurance on numerous areas of the project including corrosion & materials, process design, facility siting, I/E/C, and deep well injection.  Supported stage-gate reviews of EPC contractors work.

Independent Project Reviews

Becht has structured work processes for Independent Project Reviews including scope, schedule, cost, technical readiness, technology (integration, step out, scale up), constructability (field, contract readiness) and pre-startup safety reviews.  Our independent project review team brings decades of experience from owner based organizations.  The assessments can be performed at one or multiple stage-gates to ensure that the project is progressing as planned.  Typical deliverable includes a prioritized list of actionable items with timing for completion.  We can support subsequent closure of the identified gaps in an expedited manner.  A few examples are listed below:

  • International Licensor Turnkey Project – Becht conducted a constructability review of a licensor’s turnkey project first-ever in a remote location. Becht reviewed the contractor’s bid scope, schedule, cost and special considerations in comparison to the Licensor RFP. Conducted interviews with relevant contract personnel, licensor, and owner to identify alignment issues. Provided prioritized recommendations to close gaps with actionable items for project and contractor team.
  • New Technology Project Evaluation – Becht supported a technology and cost evaluation for a client seeking to invest in a novel process for conversion of sugar to lubricants. Reviewed the technology package for feasibility given prior engineering work and scale-up of operations to date.  Provided consolidated guidance on technology feasibility and cost reasonableness.
  • Hydrotreater Modification Review – Becht provided independent engineering quality assurance review and project management support.  Validated cost estimate, defined appropriate project execution schedule, assessed EPC contractors’ deliverables, and ensured equipment delivery timeline.

Factory Acceptance Testing Support

The criticality of certain types of project equipment such as sophisticated digital controls, control management system (CMS) or high-performance turbo machinery dictate an owner's direct involvement in the assurance and certification of this equipment's performance.  It is widely acknowledged that suppliers are more attentive to customers who participate directly in the performance and acceptance testing of such equipment.  However, doing so often stretches an owner's organization to an unacceptable degree.   Becht Engineering has the staff with the experience and technical depth to fill this critical role on behalf of an owner's project team.  Becht's team is also experienced in representing owner's interest in schedule and cost, as well as performance.  A few examples are listed below:

  • Emerson DCS & SIS FAT – Becht provided an Instrumentation & Control Systems Specialist to support DCS and SIS Factory Acceptance Testing. Deliverable included a site visit report to the owner’s project team.
  • Sulfur Project Electrical FAT – Becht provided an Electrical Engineering Specialist for onsite Factory Acceptance Testing. Deliverable was an inspection report after each FAT activity.
  • Charge Pump Witness Test – Becht provided a non-degreed Machinery Specialist to support an API-610 pump witness inspection and performance testing.  Reviewed all pertinent QA/QC documents (casing thickness, PWHT charts, hydrostatic test report, balancing report, etc) and issued consolidated trip report.

Scanning Services

Becht offers both Laser Scanning and Dimensional Control Services.  These services are utilized for field data gathering, mapping and digitizing field information.  In addition, we support field & shop verification of isometrics, accurate nozzle placement/alignment, and equipment surveying with attachment detailing.  Utilize the links below for additional information on these services.


Heavy Lift Services

Becht provides independent 3rd party reviews of lifts which evaluate crane contractor competency, crane selection, ground soil testing, and lift execution strategy among other items.  Our deliverable is a P.E. stamped lift plan book that consolidates all reports and can be utilized by the owner’s project team and lift contractor during execution.  Additionally, we provide highly experienced heavy lift field supervisors to monitor lift execution and ensure compliance with the lift manual.  Utilize the link below for additional information on our Heavy Lift services.


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Contact Derek Becht 
at 908.394.1248

Domestic Work

Becht Engineering has supported projects and facilities within every state and province of the US and Canada.  

We have 12 offices throughout the US & Canada.

International Work

Becht Engineering has conducted many international projects. Selected locations are:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia

Repair vs Replace

~ Not always an easy decision ~

Becht Repair vs replace blog

Equipment Operators face hundreds of work list items while planning for scheduled maintenance events.  For each item the owner must make a decision on whether to repair or replace the equipment to resolve the deficiency.  In some circumstances, owners are unable to come up with a cost effective repair solution so they default to the replacement option.  In other instances, the repair option is chosen based on the lowest upfront cost. 

At Becht, we identify solutions that aim to reduce the overall life-cycle cost of equipment.  This life-cycle cost includes both the repair/replacement cost...