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Becht Process consulting Becht Engineering has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with experience in virtually every refining, petrochemical, and chemical processes.   Becht’s SME’s expertise includes equipment specific (e.g. heat exchanger), unit specific (e.g. Crude Unit), and technology specific (e.g. Hydroprocessing) knowledge gained over long careers typically with owner/operator corporations.  Becht routinely combines the services of our experts to solve unique problems that may include multiple facets.  We have capabilities including feasibility studies, process design, and a broad range of consulting services. 

Most  SMEs have worked in premier owner operator organizations giving Becht a unique perspective of problem solving in an operating environment.  The Becht approach enables us to evaluate problems from an owner's perspective and focus on providing a solution that works the first time.

 Becht Process Specialists can provide Process Troubleshooting, Process Design, Design and Cold Eyes Review of New Technologies & Processes, FEED Review,  Personnel/Staff Augmentation and Grassroots Plant Design & Commissioning.


 Process Engineering Consulting
Process Troubleshooting Process Design
Design & Cold Eyes Review of New Technologies and Processes Process Engineer Staff Augmentation
FEED Review Grassroots Plant Design & Commissioning

Becht expertise covers a wide range of technologies including:

  • HF & Sulfuric Alkylation
  • Distillation
  • Gas Treating
  • Hydrocracking
  • Polymers
  • Sour Water Treating
  • Dehydogenation
  • Aromatics
  • Energy Conservation
  • Heat Exchangers
  • LP Modeling
  • Process Controls
  • Sulfur Recovery
  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Fired Heaters
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Lubes
  • Process Safety
  • Water Treatment
  • Coking
  • Fluid Flow & Mixing
  • Hydrotreating
  • Olefins
  • Reforming
  • Specialty Chemical Processes

Process Troubleshooting

Becht Engineering SMEs have extensive experience with problems encountered in operating refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants and industrial gas facilities. Becht has performed troubleshooting for individual process units, utilities and offsites, tankage, and marine facilities. A few examples are listed below:

  • Crude Tower Coking: Inspected a refinery to evaluate crude compatibility, heater performance, distillation tower operation and tray sizing criteria.  Recommended action  for many parts of the crude unit to improve performance and mitigate fouling.
  • Recycle Compressor Liquid Carryover Review: Performed site visit and analyzed process data and process design basis for a liquid knockout system, and made recommendation to mitigate future liquid carryover through improved demister selection. 
  • Heat Exchanger Redesign including Vibration Analysis: Provided process consulting services on a heat exchanger design basis for future naphtha hydrotreater revamp.  Made recommendations to mitigate exchanger vibration through improved heat exchanger design. 
  • Fractionation Tower Troubleshooting: Inspected a petrochemical site to analyze a distillation tower flooding issue.  Made recommendations while onsite to reduce flooding by means of operational parameter adjustments.

Process Design

Becht Engineering prepares process design packages for new or modified equipment, process units, and plant projects encompassing many units.  We provide support including feasibility studies, process simulation, heat & material balance, equipment specification development, equipment data sheets, and consulting.  In addition, we act as an owner’s advocate by monitoring projects in the contractor’s office to assure quality control and minimize investment and engineering costs.  Examples of projects Becht Engineering has performed are listed below:

  • FCC Regenerator Cyclone Replacement: Supported process design of new regenerator cyclone replacement by developing a cyclone specification.  Performed feasibility study on multiple replacement options.
  • Methanol Tank Vent Capacity Study: Provided process consulting services determining capacity of existing methanol tank relief vent.  Issued recommendations and process design for new relief vent that met required relief capacity.
  • Catalyst Unloading Line Redesign: Visited site to understand failure mechanism behind FCC catalyst line failures.  Performed process design calculations to verify line sizing and determined existing line could meet unloading criteria with revised operational guidance.
  • Flue Gas Water Injection System:  Process design for new FCC Flue Gas water injection system that quenched process gas while a parallel waste heat boiler was out of service.  Consulting services included feasibility study, process simulation, marked up P&IDs, and process design basis.

Design & Cold Eyes Review of New Technologies and Processes

Becht Engineering experts, many of whom are inventors themselves, assist clients in developing and reviewing new or improved technology.  Given the extensive technical experience of our team, many of whom came from central engineering organizations, we have the right expertise to challenge and improve new processes.  A few examples are noted below:

  • Black waxy crude oil to a synthetic crude - Provided upgrade recommendations to existing design in order to process crude making it technologically viable and cost effective.
  • Fluid Solids Biomass Conversion Unit:  Provided complete process design team for FCC Biomass project.  Determined equipment sizing criteria, provided process design package, and supported equipment installation.  Provided process troubleshooting on an ongoing basis after startup.
  • Algae Farm for Biofertilizer: Delivered process design package for algae farm that generated fuel as a primary product.  Supported site selection and provided process design basis for the entire site.
  • Lube Additive Process: Issued process design package for new lube additive process.
  • Direct Coal Liquefaction: Performed complete cold eyes review of previous design specification package for Direct Coal Liquefaction plant.  

FEED Review

One of our key project related activities is the review of contractor engineering quality during the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of a project.  These reviews are conducted by process and equipment specialists and include process safety reviews.  Our specialists have experience in conducting these types of reviews during their many years with the central engineering organizations of major refining and petrochemical companies.

During FEED, we have reviewed contractor and licensor prepared FEED packages, RFQ’s, materials and equipment selection.  The purpose of the review is early identification and resolution of process and equipment issues that would impact the cost, schedule, reliability, and operability of the various processes and equipment, all of which contribute to a successful project.  Becht’s experience includes:

  • Major Refinery Revamp: Acted as owners representative to review EPC contractor process design package for refinery revamp project.  Submitted findings list to owner with recommended resolutions to improve operability.   
  • FCC Air Grid Revamp: Reviewed technology firms proposal for revised FCC Air Grid.  Performed independent process engineering calculations to analyze design basis.  Provided owner with a set of concerns regarding the design basis.  The owner then submitted these concerns to the technology firm who revised their process design basis.
  • New 150 MBPD FCC/Alky: Evaluated complete FCC/Alky process design package including major equipment, distillation towers, reactors, and associated equipment.

Process Engineer Staff Augmentation

Heavy industry is always in need of experienced engineering staff to replace retiring employees, fill gaps in experience, and “staff-up” for short term needs. Becht provides process engineers on short and long term assignments to cover gaps throughout the industry. With our full-time staff and diverse network of experts, Becht will provide you the experience you need, when you need it.  For example, Becht has provided:

  • Refinery experienced Engineer placement for 6 months to reduce process engineering work backlog and train young process engineers
  • Process & Operations Specialist placement for 2 months to provide night shift lead support on major one-million-man hour turnaround
  • Amine & Acid Gas Expert placement for 3 months to define future amine expansion requirements and audit existing operation

Grassroots Plant Design & Commissioning

Becht Engineering is heavily involved in support for grassroots Refinery, Petrochemical and Chemical manufacturing facilities.  Our cross-functional engineering and technical teams are involved substantially in three primary phases; feasibility analysis, detailed engineering review, and commissioning support.  We have supported projects in excess of $1 Billion installed cost.

 Examples of Grassroots Project Support Services

Feasibility Analysis

Detailed Engineering


Feedstock and Product Selection

Request for Quotation Development (Commercial and Technical)

Operator Training and System Turnover Support

Plant Capacity and Configuration

Bid Package Conditioning and Reviews

Vessel Inspection Verification

Utilities and Infrastructure Requirements

Process Technology Package Evaluation

Operations, Mechanical, Process, Machinery and I/E/A/C Commissioning Support

Plant Economics Evaluation

Detailed Engineering Owner’s Quality Assurance Reviews

Engineering Support for Commissioning Challenges

Factored Cost Estimates

Fabrication, Testing and Inspection Support

Long Term Nested Plant Support Personnel (includes Leadership)


Have a question or would like more information on Becht's Process Engineering Consulting Services?  You may click the link below for more help.


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Domestic Work

Becht Engineering has supported projects and facilities within every state and province of the US and Canada.  

We have 12 offices throughout the US & Canada.

International Work

Becht Engineering has conducted many international projects. Selected locations are:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Southeast Asia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Australia

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Analysis Resolves Deaerator Cracking

Becht Engineering recently reviewed a utility company's deaerators which experienced a through-wall, circumferential crack at the toe of the fillet weld attaching the saddle to the shell and a through-wall crack was found at the head-to-shell junction at the steam inlet end of the drum.


The saddle to shell cracking was attributed to restrained axial thermal expansion of the shell at a tightly bolted sliding saddle support. The crack was ground out, welded and the support modified to permit sliding.

The head to shell crack cause was attributed to corrosion fatigue, a common occurrence in deaerators. The crack was most likely initiated at a weld surface defect on the I.D. of the drum and grew with time. The daily operating cycles of the drum during periods of reduced steam demand and thermal stresses which we attributed to a poorly designed steam inlet nozzle were the main contributors to the crack growth...

Read More

Flow Induced Vibration

Becht has been involved in a number of flow induced vibration problems. The problems typically occur in heat exchangers, boilers, flue gas coolers and piping downstream of bypass valves used for pressure letdown. Vendors typically design their equipment to operate outside the range of fluid flows to avoid the problems. However, problems can occur at off design conditions, e.g., process upsets, and outages where more flow is diverted through a piece of equipment than the design rates or unit capacity "creep" where  the flow has increased flow beyond original design throughput. The driving forces are fluid phenomena...