CorrExpert Engineering Software Suite

CorrExpert Engineering Software Suite

As a global leader in Corrosion and Mechanical Integrity (CMI) solutions, Becht has decades of experience addressing the refinery and process industry’s most difficult reliability and corrosion challenges. Leveraging its extensive corrosion / metallurgy operational expertise and in-house industry and technology leaders, Becht has built the CorrExpert suite of corrosion modeling and management solutions designed to accurately predict corrosion for plant / refinery operations. The CorrExpert suite of cloud-based software is designed to address multiple industry challenges with compelling experiential data and insightful science-based modeling to support:

Design and Engineering: Improve selection of plant materials and enhance user abilities to utilize predictive solutions to evaluate different materials of construction as a function of operating, process and design parameters.

Proactive Feedstock Planning and Blend Optimization: Utilize a wider selection of feedstock and Crude Blends without exceeding Integrity Operating Windows (IOW) limits or increasing plant corrosion limits, while maintaining profitability. Improve flexibility in supply chain planning, including the ability to process less expensive feedstock within operating limits without raising corrosion levels throughout the facility.

Enhanced Reliability and Improved Maintenance Outcomes: Because CorrExpert is a cloud-native software solution, you can incorporate real-time visibility into corrosion rates and real-time asset integrity by linking CorrExpert solutions to your plant Cloud Historian through the CorrExpert API. CorrExpert solutions’ sensitivity analysis capabilities support easy evaluation design and material changes to the process and determine appropriate IOWs to monitor critical parametric and operational limits

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