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Custom Software Solutions

Becht Engineering provides custom software solutions to its clients.

Projects include:

  • Windows-based application for predicting remaining life of boiler tubes experiencing longitudinal cracking using interpolated results from API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Part 9 simulations.
  • User-friendly spreadsheet-based application performing statistical analysis of NDE data for the Materials Technology Institute. The tool evaluates the quality of the data by identifying outliers that could be a result of measurement error, local metal loss, or inappropriate thickness measurement locations (TMLs), such as a piping section with a different thickness. Standard statistical models are used to predict the maximum metal loss in a population of thickness measurements, corrosion rate, a prediction of when the thickness reaches an unacceptable level, and the recommended next inspection date. Plots are generated which are used to visually assess the quality and distribution of the data, and present calculated corrosion rates.
  • Heat transfer finite difference model for support ring and piping containing high temperature gas for a refinery.
  • Spreadsheet-based heat transfer model to simulate and specify appropriate fin configurations for flue gas flowing through a 20” stainless steel pipe at a refinery. Various air temperatures and wind speeds were simulated to meet specified temperature range requirements.
  • Windows-based application for the mechanical design of large diameter, vertical, gas-to-gas fixed tubesheet heat exchangers.
  • Freeze protection study on an absorber tower in which a spreadsheet-based heat transfer algorithm was developed to define a set of minimum ambient conditions (ambient temperatures with corresponding wind speed) for which the water in the tower will not freeze during hydrotesting. Various filling and emptying scenarios were simulated.
  • Modeled heat transfer rates for steam-water mixtures flowing over shock bank tubes to predict metal wall temperatures and occurrences of critical heat flux.
  • Windows-based application containing a search engine, document sorting and document viewing capabilities for a large library of research documents in PDF format.
  • Microsoft Access-based data transfer queries to export inspection and maintenance tasks into a format compatible with a large southeastern refinery’s computerized work order management system.
  • Web-based fired heater risk ranking tool.