Ammonia Plants

Ammonia Plants

The nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen, urea, and syngas industries are vital to the production of various petrochemical products for worldwide consumption. This industry is dependent on complex process plant and knowledgeable personnel to bring the final product to market. Critical equipment is subject to unique damage mechanisms. Performance of this equipment can be optimized through the effective management of integrity and reliability. This is achieved by engineering disciplines working together and utilizing industry specific knowledge and technology integration.  Becht is a recognized leader in the refining and petrochemical industry bringing an owner’s perspective and global experience. Becht has the same stellar credentials in the ammonia industry specifically, with offerings including:

  • SMR optimization and lifecycle management
  • Risk-based work selection for turnaround and maintenance optimization
  • Process technology and optimization expertise
  • Machinery root cause failure analysis and shop inspection
  • Fixed equipment inspection consulting, Fitness For Service and engineering analysis
  • Corrosion, inspection, and materials programs like Risk Based Inspection, Integrity Operating Windows and Corrosion Control Documents
  • Comprehensive HTHA risk management programs
  • NH3 storage tanks integrity programs (atmospheric/refrigerated and pressurized)
  • Capital project major equipment (process and utility) guidance


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Ammonia Plants

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