Becht is now a PIP Member

Becht is now a PIP Member

We are excited to share that Becht recently became an active member of the Process Industry Practices (PIP).

PIP is an industry consensus group dedicated to harmonizing internal company standards and practices around design, procurement, construction, and maintenance with:

  • 30 Years of Serving Engineers
  • 550+ Published Practices
  • 850+ Active Industry Experts(1)

Similar to our current active support of over 160 Industry Code Committees, we look forward to Becht’s extensive network of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working within this established organization to support development, maintenance, management, and use of best practices to help our clients and industry succeed.

Parallel path, Becht continues to develop our BechtPractices solution which will revolutionize how corporate collections are used, managed, and maintained.  Aligning with digital transformation efforts to incorporate technologies for improved efficiency, the BechtPractices are more than engineering standards – it is a digital system of engineered requirements for advanced project excellence.

By moving content out of legacy methods of content management, such as Word and PDF, and transitioning to a modern requirements database management system, users can now automatically create optimized work and bid packages of only applicable requirements to a specific site, asset design, or task.

This is done with integrated logic to filter out non-applicable requirements, solving the issue of large packages that require extensive time to review and decipher which apply to each specific application.

Currently the BechtPractices library suggests use of +150 PIP best practices, but we expect this number will continue to increase as we progress through active membership and participation with the PIP organization.  To support our global userbase, we have also incorporated +50 International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) best practices available through the organization’s Joint Industry Project (JIP) 33(2).

To learn more about the BechtPractices system and how we can provide our library of best practices or digitally transform your existing collection of corporate standards into a requirements database management system for improved use, please Contact Us.




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Becht is now a PIP Member

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