Becht provides highly technical support to worldwide clients in the ammonia industry supporting ammonia and downstream urea, nitric acid / ammonium nitrate, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, methanol plants, and hydrogen plants. We understand the unique issues in the engineering, operation, and maintenance of desulfurization, steam methane reformers (SMRs), shift converters, synthesis and plant utilities.  Becht focuses on wholistic solutions which address the root causes of poor or unexpected performance and can assess and optimize ammonia plants with our unique multi-discipline unit and mechanical integrity health assessments.

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Randy Ruschak has been involved in the engineering world since 1976. Upon graduation from Union College with degrees in Civil and Mechanical engineering he worked for 3+ years with NYPA. He then attended Columbia University for his MBA in Finanace & Management of Organizations. Following Columbia he was a management consultant to utilities - forming in 1983 what evolved into Navigant Consulting. He has been working in the internet world for many years - planning and designing web presence, internet marketing, eCommerce, SEO and mass-mailing programs

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