Fluid-Structure Interaction Under Seismic Loading Using Finite Element Analysis

Becht Nuclear Services recently applied ANSYS® multi-surface, with fluid-structure interaction (FSI) capabilities to evaluate the effects of seismic loading on vessel internals that are immersed in the fluid.  Before proceeding with the analysis of the actual vessel, the FSI capabilities were benchmarked to an analytical solution of a simpler liquid-filled flexible tank under seismic loading. […]

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Introduction to LOCA Blowdown Loads on Reactor Internals and Fluid-Structure Interaction

Design of a Nuclear Power Plant for a LOCA Nuclear power plants are designed with the capability to safely shut-down following a number of hypothetical accident scenarios. One of those accidents is the rupture of a pipe in the reactor coolant system (RCS). Such a rupture would result in a loss of coolant accident (LOCA), […]

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