Developing A Hydrocarbon Loss Management Culture To Realize Constant Benefits

When you think of your Hydrocarbon Loss Management practice, what comes to mind?  Is it tanks, meters, commercial transactions, hydrocarbon accounting tools, the financial close process, or some other related activity?  Additional questions might be, what are the benefits that your company derives from your Hydrocarbon Loss Management practice?  What goals do you satisfy?  What […]

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Using LP Models To Sharpen Aim At Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Target

It’s time that we shift our focus away from the doom, the gloom, the fear, and the uncertainty of today’s industry news. Flip to the Comics section for a moment in your mind. In the first panel, picture a distraught teenager, feeling alone. In the next panel, we see that teenager’s astonished face as The […]

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The Value Spaces In The Hydrocarbon Supply Chain

“Demand Destruction”, “Oil Processing Won’t Be Back”, “Exports Stagnant”, “Record Quarterly Losses”, “Capital Budgets Slashed” and “Refinery Permanently Closed” are all part of the current torrent of brutal oil and gas headlines.  Situations like this are not the first time that the industry has been faced with such a dire reality.  Looking to the future, […]

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