Looking Forward… [to 2023 and beyond]

This blog provides some personal views on the future.  First, I believe the future is very bright for the USA.  With good demographics, a high value add work force, low cost energy, great resources, lots of land (with much of it arable), plenty of resources and financial strength, the United States has a lot going […]

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Becht 2022 Year In Review

This past year was notable for geopolitical events and higher margins.  It was great for us to once again be able to meet with our clients, and our colleagues, in person.  Throughout the year, Becht continued to work on ways to bring higher value to our clients. Some of the areas our clients found this […]

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Forever Medal Awarded to Dr. Charles Becht IV

Dr. Charles Becht IV., was awarded the 2022 B31 Forever Medal during the ASME B31 & Nonmetallic Pressure Piping Code meetings. The ASME B31 Forever Medal for Excellence in Piping is a Committee Award awarded for distinguished contributions in the field of pressure piping including but not limited to leadership, technical, research and development, and […]

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The Evolution of Gasoline Blending

The workforce is changing rapidly and the people who will be blending gasoline at a refinery will have a different set of knowledge, skills, and attributes compared to prior generations. This will be the generation that likes to collaborate on platforms instantaneously and make rapid decisions in a constantly changing and challenging environment. This generation […]

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Pride Comes Before The Fall…

This is the second (and hopefully last) in a personal series on slips trips and falls. Many of you may remember a few years ago I sent out a Safety Focus on a slip and fall incident that happened to me that resulted in a broken left arm. I spoke about the importance of using […]

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Hurricane Harvey Recovery – Methodical Steps to Restart Your Plant

I personally went through Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike during my career living in the Gulf Coast. Restarting our plants after these storms was challenging, home life was miserable without power for three weeks and traveling over 100 miles north to find gasoline, food and water for family and neighbors was time consuming and hazardous. […]

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