Pride Comes Before The Fall…

This is the second (and hopefully last) in a personal series on slips trips and falls. Many of you may remember a few years ago I sent out a Safety Focus on a slip and fall incident that happened to me that resulted in a broken left arm. I spoke about the importance of using […]

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Hurricane Harvey Recovery – Methodical Steps to Restart Your Plant

I personally went through Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike during my career living in the Gulf Coast. Restarting our plants after these storms was challenging, home life was miserable without power for three weeks and traveling over 100 miles north to find gasoline, food and water for family and neighbors was time consuming and hazardous. […]

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A Step in the Right Direction

Most of us have heard of the benefits of walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Weight loss and heart health are just a few of the benefits of daily walking. Unfortunately, if you have a sedentary office job, spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a vehicle or have a full schedule, […]

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Becht Industrial Group (BIG) is Dedicated to Client Success

We are pleased to introduce Becht Industrial Group to our trusted clients.  Becht Industrial Group (BIG) was formed in 2021 as a mechanical contractor specializing in turnarounds, major maintenance activities and other schedule driven projects with the sole purpose of “helping our partners win”.  For the past several months they have been preparing to successfully deliver […]

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2021 – Year In Review

With the challenging environment last year of compressed margins, mixed mode work and high employee turnover, Becht focused on delivering value for our clients. Our clients found this value in the following areas: Their personnel getting quicker access to solutions and knowledge.  We revamped our BechtCONNECT platform which has built in knowledge like interactive PFD’s, operational […]

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Becht Recognized By Great Place To Work® On Certification Nation Day

Becht is proud to celebrate Certification Nation Day, along with the community of Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies across the country. Great Place to Work® designates June 22 as Certification Nation Day to salute and recognize the companies working to create great places to work for all. “We hire great people that align with our […]

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FROM THE TOP – Bringing Down the Silos

FROM THE TOP, is a new mainstay in Inspectioneering Journal. This column will explore how different parts of organizations can partner in a collaborative manner to discover new efficiencies, improved equipment integrity, and opportunities to capture additional margin.   Introduction This past year has been a challenging one for our industry. The ongoing pandemic, coupled […]

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Becht is Global and We’re Local: Acquisition of EPS Customer Solutions

Energy Transition, Knowledge Transfer, & Technical Solutions Near You These have been trying times for all of us. The Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Renewable Industry is navigating headwinds with reduced product demand while also considering global trends including energy transition, knowledge transfer, and a remote workforce. This year has forced us to make difficult moves […]

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Becht Acquires EPS Customer Solutions

Becht Acquisition of EPS Customer Solutions to Grow Europe, Middle East and Africa Support in Refining, Petrochemical and Renewables Industries Becht Europe B.V. and EPS Customer Solutions B.V. have come together to better serve Refining, Petrochemical, and Renewable customers in the European, Middle Eastern, and African regions. Becht has built a strong reputation for providing […]

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HF Alkylation Capabilities

Becht has a team of HF Alky experts that have established and led the alkylation networks and licensing activities for companies like XOM, BP, P66, Shell, and UOP. Becht SMEs have worked in over 95% of the refineries in North America and many others internationally and bring an owner-operator perspective of safety, reliability, quality, cost, […]

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