Navigating the Greenhouse Gas Conundrum

OR – How Supply Chain Ecosystems Can Meet New Renewable Growth Demands With contributing author John Koo Reliability of energy delivery saves lives.  Fires in California and Australia, rolling blackouts in UK and grid failure in the dead of winter in Texas are examples of events that impact people in a very real and tangible […]

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Using LP Models To Sharpen Aim At Hydrocarbon Supply Chain Target

It’s time that we shift our focus away from the doom, the gloom, the fear, and the uncertainty of today’s industry news. Flip to the Comics section for a moment in your mind. In the first panel, picture a distraught teenager, feeling alone. In the next panel, we see that teenager’s astonished face as The […]

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The Oil Industry 2020 – Winners, Losers And Everything In Between

Athletic endeavors, especially team sports, can be rewarding to participate in or watch at any age.  Developing teams and players includes conditioning, diet, mental training, and finding the right “mix” of players to form the winning team.  Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, or Basketball teams play an array of opponents.  Very few teams in history complete a […]

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