Breakthroughs in Predictive HTHA Life Assessment: Time Dependent Nelson Curves and Inspection Planning Enhancements

Published in the Inspectioneering Journal, January/February 2022 Introduction Nearly two years ago, in an Inspectioneering Journal article, Practical HTHA Experience and Time-Based Nelson Curves for Improved Equipment Life Management, we described how to incorporate well-established void growth modeling (see Figure 1) into a high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) assessment approach [1]. Since then, we have […]

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Becht HTHA JIP Looks to Extend Industry-Leading Equipment Management

with Sridhar Srinivasan Becht is pleased to announce the official launch of the Becht Joint Industry Project on High Temperature Hydrogen Attack: Comprehensive Life Management of HTHA Susceptible Equipment.  We’re excited to bring our multidisciplinary team of materials, inspection, modeling, fitness-for-service and software experts working with global plant operators and JIP sponsors to take our […]

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