Biofeed Co-Processing for Fuel Production

By: Scott Sayles, Matthew Caserta, Stephen DeLude and Al Keller Comprehensive review of corrosion operating concerns when co-processing renewables and bio-oils through existing hydrotreaters, FCC units, amine units, and other assets. Below is an excerpt from an article recently published in PTQ Q3 2022 Issue ( Renewable feedstocks: Processing Steps The processing of renewable feedstocks […]

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Breakthroughs in Predictive HTHA Life Assessment: Time Dependent Nelson Curves and Inspection Planning Enhancements

Published in the Inspectioneering Journal, January/February 2022 Introduction Nearly two years ago, in an Inspectioneering Journal article, Practical HTHA Experience and Time-Based Nelson Curves for Improved Equipment Life Management, we described how to incorporate well-established void growth modeling (see Figure 1) into a high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) assessment approach [1]. Since then, we have […]

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Statistical Analysis of Non-Destructive Examination Data

In 2008, Becht Engineering was awarded a project by the Materials Technology Institute (MTI) to develop an inspection guideline document and software tool for the collection and analysis of inspection data for piping, piping components and pressure vessels. Dr. Eileen Chant , as project manager, collaborated with Bob Sims of Becht, Dr. Mark Stone of […]

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Recent Advances in Becht’s HTHA Damage Modeling Approach Part 6: Nucleation Effects and Cutoff Pressure Prediction

Overview We presented a comprehensive five part series on our HTHA modeling approach in the fall of 2020.  This series extended the initial work presented in [1] in several significant ways, including: Inclusion of vessel pressure and weld residual stresses Treatment of C-0.5Mo material Direct relation of the damage and life fractions the model predicts […]

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Becht HTHA JIP Looks to Extend Industry-Leading Equipment Management

with Sridhar Srinivasan Becht is pleased to announce the official launch of the Becht Joint Industry Project on High Temperature Hydrogen Attack: Comprehensive Life Management of HTHA Susceptible Equipment.  We’re excited to bring our multidisciplinary team of materials, inspection, modeling, fitness-for-service and software experts working with global plant operators and JIP sponsors to take our […]

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CorrExpert®-Crude: Corrosion Prediction and Material Selection for Refinery Crude Corrosivity Applications

State-of-the-art Cloud-based Decision Support Model drives enhanced crude processing flexibility and unit mechanical integrity through accurate, simultaneous quantification of naphthenic acid and sulfidic corrosion Refinery Crude Unit operations, characterized by significant process complexities and crude blend / fraction assay properties, have traditionally remained an area where accurate asset integrity and life prediction have been difficult […]

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Becht Experts Participate In Q&A In Recent Issue Of Digital Refining

Participants: Gerrit Buchheim, Mel Larson, Fred Lea, and Robert Ohmes To review the Q&A article in Digital Refining, please click HERE   We didn’t expect severe corrosion issues in the carbon steel of our amine unit. What’s causing it?  – Gerrit Buchheim Severe corrosion in amine units is not rare and should be expected.  Depending […]

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Corrosion And Materials Challenges In Energy Transition

Global trends towards lowering greenhouse gas emissions has forced energy companies to reevaluate their operating strategies. The challenge is time and concepts to achieve a “net zero,” which means looking at alternative feedstocks and new processes.  These pressures are leading towards a global energy transition. While some biofuel processes have been around for approximately 20 […]

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Optimizing Information from Thickness Data

With contributing author Frank Sapienza Thickness measurement data generated through the routine inspection program represents the largest source of data generated in the mechanical integrity department of a refinery. Gathering as much usable information from this data in a time efficient manner presents one of the greater challenges to plant inspectors and engineers.  Some refineries […]

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Integration Of Integrity Operating Windows Into Process Safety Management

Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) are an important component of a world class mechanical integrity program. IOWs are not a new concept, as they have been around in different forms for many years. However, due to some recent high-profile industry indictments and with the publication of the first edition of API RP 584 Integrity Operating Windows […]

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