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Producing Synthetic Fuels from Renewable Feeds

Scott Sayles, Robert Ohmes, Pattabhi Raman Narayanan and Jessica Hofmann A comprehensive review of renewable processes and feedstocks used in the production of renewable or synthetic fuels. Below is an expert from the article recently published in Decarbonisation Technology – February 2024 issue. The method of synthetic fuel production is dependent on the ability […]

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Conversion To A Green Refinery

Article published in Decarbonisation Technology November Issue ( Assessing the options, risks, and viability of the biofuels refinery of the future In order to meet the mandates of the Paris accord, as well as carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emission reductions in traditional refining processes, fossil fuel-based transportation fuels will be substituted by a combination […]

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Biofeed Co-Processing for Fuel Production

By: Scott Sayles, Matthew Caserta, Stephen DeLude and Al Keller Comprehensive review of corrosion operating concerns when co-processing renewables and bio-oils through existing hydrotreaters, FCC units, amine units, and other assets. Below is an excerpt from an article recently published in PTQ Q3 2022 Issue ( Renewable feedstocks: Processing Steps The processing of renewable feedstocks […]

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