Expert Witness Responsibilities and Key Attributes

Serving as an expert witness carries a heavy burden of responsibility. The expert plays a key role in any case and can be the pivot point between winning and losing the case. This blog explores the range of duties, attributes and responsibilities expected of an expert. These include: Credibility Excellent verbal and written communication skills […]

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Becht Expert Witness – A True Partner to Support Your Case

In any legal case it is very important to establish a true partnership between the law firm and the expert witness. This partnership facilitates an effective, balanced team with both technical and legal knowledge. This will provide the client with the most cost-effective solution and best chance for a favorable outcome during trial or arbitration. […]

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Expert Witness – A Becht Engineering Service to Avoid

Becht Engineering personnel have significant experience in serving as Expert Witnesses for a variety of legal matters.   However, litigation can be costly, time consuming and often times the outcome is unpredictable. It should be avoided if at all possible through implementation of proper controls and oversight. A much better strategy than after the fact litigation […]

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