Cost, Schedule, Quality – Pick Two … Isn’t Always True

– Achieving Excellence in Any Project –  The old saying in managing projects was Cost, Schedule and Quality. Pick two. This is because it is very difficult to do a good job on all three of these critical aspects of any project. If we highly control cost, the quality of the finished project may suffer. […]

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Accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Can Guide Due Diligence Efforts

A key element in an effective Due Diligence study is to be able to quickly identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) on a current, historical and projected basis. These KPI’s include safety statistics, operational performance, status of maintenance programs and overdue activities. The KPI’s can be presented in numerical or graphical format however it is […]

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Negotiating Plant Access for Due Diligence

Just the Facts Ma’am The famous phrase, “Just the facts, Ma’am,” was often linked to Los Angeles Police Department Sargent Joe Friday who wore badge 714 on the TV show Dragnet. However, according to several sources, the facts are Joe Friday never said this exact phrase on the long running TV show.  The statement “Just […]

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Due Diligence – Making Rapid, Accurate Judgements

or  “Kidnapped By My Own Business Team” A number of years ago I worked closely with an Operating Company Business Team and Mergers and Acquisitions group performing due diligence assessments. I often led these assessments and my input on reliability, maintenance, mechanical integrity and inspection was incorporated into a multi discipline team of legal, environmental, […]

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Due Diligence Can Define The True Value

A few years ago I conducted what might be the world’s cheapest, fastest and most cost effective due diligence study ever done. This study took one hour and cost the client about $500.  I was approached by two new members of a well-recognized financial institution. They were assigned to evaluate opportunities to capture low cost […]

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Due Diligence – Front End Loading for Plant Acquisitions

In many cases operating companies and financial institutions utilize Due Diligence studies for critical input on “Go/No Go” decisions for plant acquisitions.  Once the decision is made to purchase the plant, the Due Diligence study is often put on the shelf.  The company purchasing the new asset then faces significant challenges integrating the asset into […]

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PSM Implementation is a Challenge — Maintaining Compliance is Even Harder

The Process Safety Management rule (PSM), OSHA 1910.119, was implemented in the early 90’s, more than 20 years ago. Implementation was driven by a number of tragic accidents in the process industry. However, despite the long history of the rule and multiple preventable, catastrophic incidents, many companies still have not fully implemented PSM. Companies that […]

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Expert Witness – A Becht Engineering Service to Avoid

Becht Engineering personnel have significant experience in serving as Expert Witnesses for a variety of legal matters.   However, litigation can be costly, time consuming and often times the outcome is unpredictable. It should be avoided if at all possible through implementation of proper controls and oversight. A much better strategy than after the fact litigation […]

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Due Diligence — Pay a Little, Save a Lot

  Acquiring a Petrochemical Plant, Refinery or Other Major Asset? It’s always important to have expert advice when you buy anything — from a new car to a wide screen television.  Normally, there are many sources of information to determine which products provide the best value, reliability and that will last.   However what do you […]

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