Becht Process Advisors Participate In Q&A In Recent Issue Of Digital Refining

Participants: Doug Clarke, Al Keller, Jim Asquith, Sam Lordo, Bob Falkiner, Steve DeLude and Roberto Tomotaki To review the Q&A article in Digital Refining, please click HERE   We’d like to produce less light naphtha and more liquid fuels from our hydrocracker. How do we go about it? For changes mid-run with an existing hydrocracker catalyst load, […]

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Cooling System Health Checks

Just as people schedule an annual wellness visit to the doctor, it makes good sense to do the same for your cooling system and its components.  This is particularly important because of the deleterious effects of Covid on cooling systems.  Over the last year, manufacturing facilities have suffered because of reduced on-site service, inability to […]

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