Tank Ignition Source Management: Protecting Storage Tanks from Fires Due to Lightning Strikes

With Contributing Author –  Rafael Rengifo Above ground storage tanks (AST) are widely used for the storage of large volumes of flammable liquids in tank farms, depots, and terminals. It is mission critical to effectively manage all ignition sources around and in the proximity of AST due to the high risk of fire escalation that […]

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Robotics and Risk Based Inspection Assessments Tools Supporting Storage Tanks Integrity Management Optimization

Article recently published in  Feb 23 / Mar 23 Tank Storage Magazine Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) owners and operators are under pressure to improve risk adjusted economic return through proactive and thorough Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs.  Quality programs that include tank inspection, repair, and maintenance have historically been developed using a time-based inspection […]

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Becht Hosts First Tank Summit

The storage of liquids is crucial in the current supply chain landscape, and in the framework of the current environmental and regulatory trends for storage tanks. This week (Jan 2022) Becht brought together tank owners/users, vendors, and Becht division leaders for a Tank Summit in Houston to discuss and learn from each other and our […]

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