Design and Analysis of Steam Injection Piping

Design and Analysis of Steam Injection Piping

Becht Supports Client for Design and Analysis of Steam Injection Piping

Recently a client installed a flue gas expander at refinery in Colombia. The refinery had been experiencing problems with excessive vibration and expander trips that was due to the accumulation of catalyst on the expander blades. The client contacted Becht Engineering for support on the design and analysis of the steam injection piping, and requested support in the evaluation of the erosion/corrosion potential on the injection of steam into the flue gas line.

Research and Analysis

Becht Engineering sat down with the client and reviewed the drawings provided by the refinery. Based on the data, Becht found that a conflict between the original design intent and the current design. Additionally, the discharge velocity at the design steam rate was found to be very high, and Becht was asked to provide a recommendation to solve the problem.

Utilizing Subject Matter Experts with many years of experience in the industry, Becht Engineering conducted a process analysis and resulting report that detailed findings for the normal expander operation, the operation during the thermal cycle, and the potential for erosion and corrosion.

We Provide Recommendations

Becht Engineering closely went over the data with the client and provided recommendations to mitigate the high velocity at the steam injection point by replacing the single radial injection nozzle with two angled nozzles. Becht developed a concluding report that detailed all the recommendation for mitigation and delivered it to the client.

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