Plastic pyrolysis oil processing in HDS

Plastic pyrolysis oil processing in HDS

Becht Case Study



  • A European customer was looking at processing pyrolysis oil (from plastic recycling pyrolysis) in their HDS unit


  • Becht was asked to review the HDS unit current operation and catalyst in order to define measures to be taken to enable pyrolysis oil processing


  • Becht reviewed the HDS unit design, operation history and current catalyst performance
  • Evaluated the impact of:
  • Moderate aromatic content (from mono to 4-ring +)
  • Highly olefinic feedstock, also loaded with Si + P (severe catalysts poisons) led to specific recommendations on operating strategy in order to meet run-length expectations
  • Corrosion aspects of high chlorides in feed
  • Evaluated wash water needs


  • Becht provided recommendations to meet runlength expectations, and confirmed that M/U and recycle gas compressors were adequate


Based on Becht recommendations, client is able to

  • Best prepare for the start of testing this pyrolysis oil processing in their unit
  • Compare potential revamp scope investment to alternatives
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