Equipment Due Diligence, Turkey

Equipment Due Diligence, Turkey

Becht Case Study

Situation: An owner/operator of coal fired electrical generating facilities in Turkey was required to retrofit 2X150 MW power stations with wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) to meet 2020 EU SO2 removal and stack emissions limits. They were considering the purchase and relocation of 3 wet FGD units from a retired 500 MW facility in Texas, USA.

Action Taken: Becht was retained to conduct an engineering due diligence feasibility study to identify any fatal flaws with the relocation of this equipment. Study scope included:

  • Structural integrity and condition assessment of FGD structural components considering seismic design requirements in Turkey.
  • FGD process adequacy review considering required sulfur removal with the combustion of  high sulfur local coal.


Results: Becht’s process adequacy review determined that the wet FGD units could not meet SO2 removal efficiency required based on the performance of the units in Texas and sulfur content of the Turkish fuel. It was further determined that the structural design of the units were not suitable for relocation considering the high seismic activity and Turkish design requirements at the plant location.

Becht’s mechanical and process divisions worked to identify issues – in this case fatal flaws – with regard to further consideration of the relocation of the wet FGD system to their power stations in Turkey saving considerable additional costs in planning for the dismantlement, relocation and transport of the equipment to Turkey.

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